Monday, 9 April 2012

Tonight, Tonight

One of my faveourite bands is The smashing pumpkins, I love this song! and the music video is inspired by George Melies film " A trip to the moon" ( the filmmaker i mentioned in my last post). I think this is beautiful.


Watching silent movie's on a rainy day.

This is a silent movie by George Melies.George Melies was a French illusionist and filmmaker famous for leading many technical and narrative developments in the earliest days of cinema .Melies discovered the substitution stop trick in 1896, he was one of the first filmmakers to use multiple exposures, time-laps photography and hand painted colour in his films. His most welll know films are " A trip to the moon" and "The Impossible Voyage"

My cat Vivian very much enjoyed it aswell.
I am thinking I would rather like to make my own silent movie (:

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New shop

Hello everyone

I know it has been a rather long time since my last post, I have been  rather busy since I have started college, I'm doing an animal care course which is three days a week, I am also doing two days work at a local vetinary practice. ( I have aquired a beautiful marmalade kitten, his name is Vivian and he is most extreamly troublesome, but he is the sweetest....the other cats didtnt seem very pleased at first.)

Since my last post with the quirky cake stand I had made, I have made a few more and opened an online shop, selling things that are vintage (or vintage looking) and involved with tea party's such as my cake stands. I have created a few more things like teacup candles, and I have recently made some gorgeous shabby chic bunting...(I utterly adore bunting.) Oh, I also sell any beautiful vintage finds.

Im afraind at the moment I dont have much items up for I have been busy as I mentioned but dont worry because Im going to gather lots or plates, teacups and material.  (:

Here is the link :

Tabby x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Afternoon tea .

This is my brilliant! Cake stand, i very much adore it! it was very simple to make and i really enjoyed choosing the plates from our local carboot, the thing is i just want to make more and more now (:
Its made from miss-matching plates and some small shot glasses and ofcourse some wonderfull super glue! which has worked very well. (:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Twiggy is an English model icon from the early 1960's. She was named " The face of 1966".
She is known for her androgynous looks, Large eyes, long eye lashes, thin build and short hair.
I really like her original quirky style of the 60's. (:

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wuthering Heights

Love this story. Im falling in love with the character Heathcliff, its his brooding mysterious darkness. I found an old copy of the book, and just love the way it is written.
I watched the film with Tom Hardy in it ;)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Pretty TeaCups!

These are some pictures I took the other day :)
it was such a sunny day and thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures!

I love the ones in the tree :)